How to Solve Common Issues With Windows 10

For 37 years has been changing its Operating Systems. After starting with DOS, they piggy-backed Windows 10 onto it.

By the time they got to Windows 95, they weren’t relying so heavily on DOS as a base. Windows 98 was the last version to use DOS exclusively as a basic machine language to build Windows on.

Microsoft would obsolete the older versions to make sure customers bought the newer versions. There were a lot of complaints about this type of marketing causing a basic monopoly. Microsoft solved this complaint by coming out with what they call a final version of Windows called “Windows 10.”

Many people are confused by all the different versions and miss some of the old features. To conquer some of the hardware issues, like the CPU usage to seemingly increase in Windows 10, check out solution of WMI Provider Host.

Here are some of the other common complaints and issues and how to solve them:

Solve Windows 10 problems

1. My PC won’t play my DVD movie

Unlike all the other Windows systems starting with Windows 98, Windows 10 won’t automatically play DVD movies.

The Fix

To solve this problem novices need to install “DVD Player” software. Microsoft has one that they would like you to buy but it costs $15. In the Windows Store, you can find free apps that work just as well.

“VLC” is a good player with a good reputation. “Real Player” also has a good player that will not only play a DVD, but it will also download movies from the Internet.

I saw “Wonder Woman” advertised on Google and while watching it I downloaded it to be played at a future date. There are other good DVD players that are free and can be found on sites like “”

2. “Microsoft Edge” is Full of Popup Ads

Microsoft sells popup advertising on Microsoft Edge.

The Fix

To get rid of the popups in Microsoft Edge just open the browser and click on “settings” in the top right of the app.Scroll down and click on “view advanced settings”. Then “block pop-ups” must be turned on.

3. My Windows 10 PC Seems to be Slowing Down

As you load more and more apps and programs, there are also tag along programs that come free and many times unnoticed when downloading them.

A lot of anti-virus programs get on this free download train. Never leave any other antivirus programs than your main and only one. Anti-virus programs that are stacked will work against each other. They will not serve as a backup. They will slow your PC and even keep it from starting at all. Other programs that you don’t use serve the only purpose of slowing down your machine.

The Fix

Type Control Panel in the Windows search field, then click on uninstall a program. Highlight the extra anti-virus programs and any other programs that you don’t use and remove them one by one by clicking on them to highlight them and then clicking on uninstall.

It may be quicker to re-install Windows 10, but then you have to reload all the apps that you want. Make sure when uninstalling unused programs that you don’t uninstall a program necessary for a program that you use.

4. My PC Takes Forever to Start with Windows 10

The more apps you install, the more apps you will have fighting to be first when you start the machine.

The Fix

To leave all yours apps on your PC but keep them from starting when the machine starts;Type task manager in the search field, click on the startup tab, for each application not needed on every start highlight by clicking and then at bottom right click disable.

You will still be able to use the app but it just won’t slow your startup.

5. Programs aren’t Working Properly

Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for the text I’ve typed to appear or at the top of browsers I get message “not responding.”

Not just in Windows 10 but in all previous versions of Windows this was a common problem. What’s happening is that the cache is full.

The Fix

Install a cache cleaner to keep from having to constantly restart the PC to clean the cache. There is a utility known as “CCleaner Free” that is free to download and free to use.

This utility cleans the cache and the cache in browsers as well.

So, these are the 5 common problems people face in Windows 10. I hope this article will be helpful in solving such kind of issues with your Windows 10 computer.