5 Best Tips to Choose A Domain Name.

Choosing a domain name can be a daunting task, especially when your brand spanking new to online marketing. By brainstorming a bit and following my must follow tips in this article. You will be well on your way to acquiring a brandable piece of internet real estate that can payout the big bucks for years to come.

Use High Traffic Keywords

Buying a domain without doing your research first can cost you big time. Using the free Google Keyword tool will get you going in the right direction. Just do some searches, you want your site to rank for and make sure these keywords are inside your domain name. The potential traffic for a keyword rich domain can be substantial in the long run.

Domain Name:

Only Use.COM Extensions

To be taking seriously by the search engines and by potential visitors, get a.com domain. Now is not the time to go cheap with an.info extension. If you absolutely insist on breaking this battle tested rule, you can get by with a.Net or.Org extension without too much risk to potential traffic.

Refuse To Use Hyphens and Numbers

Both hyphens and numbers make it challenging for first time visitors to remember your site. Even worse, SEO experts and even Google have stated that domains with excessive hyphens are red flags for SPAM sites.

The other downside of using these domain buying no-no’s is you risk the chance of handing your hard earned traffic building efforts to site’s with similar domain names. It’s best to avoid these business blunders at all costs.

The Loot Is In The Length

Chances are you have heard that long tail keywords are easy to rank for. Without question, this is rock solid internet wisdom. The truth is, the longer the domain, the harder it is to be remembered by your visitor’s. Having a domain name that is short, easy to remember, and can be quickly typed, tends to generate the most traffic online.

Buy Old Domains

Buying old or expiring domains is the ultimate short-cut to success. Older domains have more SEO value in term of ranking in the search engines. The other bonus to buying old or expiring domains is, sometimes the previous owner has already generated hundreds of backlinks to the domain. This gives you a jump start on making your site the destination of choice for your hungry money spending market.

Choosing a domain name should be a simple process. Just don’t lose sleep over coming up with the perfect name, you won’t make a single thin dime online in research mode. Find a keyword that matches your market and hit the add to cart button at your favorite registrar before someone else does.

Bhuvnesh Dohare

Bhuvnesh Bhushan Dohare is the founder and CEO of Wideinfoweb.org, which he started in 2014 with his own digital marketing skills.

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