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  • What is supply and demand blog traffic?

Supply and demand blog traffic is just that. Also known as establishing a common need. Which is done through engagement. And the options are endless from Groups and Pages to Communities and Forums. There are various techniques to create blog traffic.

Leveraging popular blogs and blog sites for example. To drive blog traffic to new blogs and established blogs alike. 

Google SEO is all about strategy. A sequence of objective steps in the right direction. Which is what this blog post is about. More than just the method of driving traffic. But rather the technique to attract buyer traffic. Therefore, not only will you get a few great traffic methods. But also learn how to optimize your content.

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Commenting Techniques that drive supply and demand blog traffic.

Commenting. Which also contributes nicely to building reputation. But the key is to add value to the conversation. Therefore, also important to read the post you plan to comment on. Read other comments to see what the audience is looking for. And then create curiosity by offering something the audience can use. Never hold back, share your knowledge.

Use tools like “Put My Link” and “Drop My Link” to research sites to comment on. Search for blogs with the CommentLuv Premium plugin. That way you will also display your latest blog post in your comment. Just get to know your way around these tools. And search for specific keywords. Directly related to your content.

Attracting visitors

Attracting visitors will also depend where you comment. And you need to check on the amount of traffic a site receives. Focus on top tier country volumes. By using a Google Chrome Extension called “Similarweb” you will be able to determine all that. But you can also use another tool called “Check Page Rank” to target the high authority sites. And access popular blogs.

Social Networking for WordPress Blogger Traffic.

The whole point of social networking to drive blog traffic. Is to target the right audience. From followers to share and likes. Your content is shared with like minded people. Create Facebook pages and Groups. And although I would love to guide you. All these methods cannot be covered in a single post. There are steps to follow with everything you do online. Just follow the steps, you’ll be fine.

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When you create a new group, then change the settings. So new group members must be approved by admin. Set your Twitter to “Protect Your Tweets“. Then all new followers will have to be manually approved. Build a targeted audience. And to drive supply and demand blog traffic you need followers and audiences related to your blog niche. Carefully targeted through common interests and demography.

All social profiles must be as professional as possible to generate supply and demand blog traffic. And your content must be proof of your resume. You cannot be an SEO “expert” but don’t have a blog for example. Or a social media management “expert” with a faceless profile. Be who you say you are!

  • Supply and demand blog traffic for WordPress through SEO.

With SEO the snippet appearance is important. And must create curiosity. The blog title should be short and suggestive to generate supply and demand blog traffic. Almost like breadcrumbs for search engines.Along with LSI keywords. What they are and why they are important to dominate search result pages.

To generate supply and demand blog traffic. Also consider word count. Paragraphs do not exceed 300 words. blog traffic is simply turning research into targeted goals.

Create compelling featured images. With titles, alt attributes and descriptions.

Leveraging Facebook pages and groups.

Don’t go on a posting frenzy with blog links and blog posts. It’s not about how much you post. Research each group and check the demography. Groups with large amounts of members are not necessarily the best ones to join. Facebook groups is a great way to explore and attract supply and demand blog traffic. Joint the ones most relevant to your target keyword.

With Facebook pages you may want to focus more on engagement. And a little less on posting content. Two to four great posts per group/page per week is quite enough. The rest must be comments and engagement. Build your recognition with engagement. Find the supply and demand blog traffic. By establishing what audiences are looking for.

  • More supply and demand blog traffic to your WordPress blog.

And include a link to your blog in your professional profiles. Engage with the audiences, find out what they need. Answer questions on Quora and comment on blogs using Disqus. With BuzzFeed try sharing original pictures and videos. Nothing edited or software generated videos. Here are over 750 Million visitors combined over these sites. How you make them curious and drive traffic is entirely up to you.

Quora.com (485 Million visitors / 55% US | UK | Canada | Australia)

Medium.com (147 Million visitors / 45% US | UK | Canada | Australia)

Buzzfeed.com (135 Million visitors / 75% US | UK | Canada | Australia)

Disqus.com (25 Million visitors / 60% US | UK | Canada | Australia)

To drive supply and demand blog traffic requires a lot of work. Because your content must be better than already ranking blogs. Do the research and sacrifice the time to create outstanding content. And compelling design.

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