Best Ways to Make Money from Your Website

Many people think that; they cannot make money from blogging online. But there’re many ways they can use to make money from internet and one of those ways is Blogging. In this post I’ll mention the best ways which you can use to make money online from blogging.

How to Make Money from your Website / Blog

Displaying ads on your blog

You can make money from displaying ads on your blog in many easy ways such as selling ad places for advertisers, or by using ad networks such as AdSense.

Selling ad places

You can sell ad places for the advertisers who’re interested in advertising on your blog. You can do this directly through selling it directly to advertisers or by using a network such as

Google AdSense

AdSense is one of Google services which allow publishers to make money from their online content. After signing up to AdSense it will display targeted ads on your blog, and when the visitor clicks on the ad certain amount of money will be added to your AdSense account which you can withdraw when it reaches $100 or €70.

There are more than one ad network such as Bing ads, but we mentioned AdSense only as it is the most common network.

You can make money online from blogging for other blogs or sites, Many blogs will pay for writing articles for them such as

Writing Reviews (Paid Reviews):

Another way to make money from blogging is writing paid reviews. Many companies will pay you for writing reviews for their products especially if you’re a famous blogger or author as those reviews will increase their products’ sales. You can also write reviews and add your affiliate links and coupon codes to it.

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Make money from writing Paid Content

You can also make money from writing paid content. Some sites hides their content and to view it you need to purchase a premium account which is paid once or regularly. The most common paid content is online courses so if you think people will pay money to read your articles or tutorials you can start making money from writing paid content.

Make money by promotiong Affiliate Programs

Another very good way to make money from blogging is to use affiliate programs, especially if you writes about technical and online products such as Courses, Books, WordPress Hosting Companies, Domains, WordPress Themes, Plugins, Scripts, Software, Hardware etc.

Almost all companies and sites have its own Affiliate program such as,,,,, etc. Just go to Google and search for “Affiliate Program” then choose the company you want or you can signup for Share A Sale or any other affiliate network.

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