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Celebrity Influencers in India 2021 To Follow

Celebrity Influencers in India 2021 To Follow: The influencers are taking the internet by storm, it proved to be a boon for fashion, lifestyle, health and fitness industry including some others like education, automobile, travel etc. Influencer marketing is no doubt the latest marketing strategy all over the world and right now Instagram is the top social media platform that helps the brands leveraging the true power of Influencers to reach a new audience. According to the market report obtained by different marketing companies and tools, influencers provide 11x more ROI compared to other forms of display ads. Moreover, nowadays more than 68% of users enable adblocks which makes the marketers frustrated when they opt for display ads, this fuelled the influencer marketing even more.

List of Top Celebrity Influencers In India

If you are interested to know which celebrity influencers are performing the best in India, check out the list below:

1. Jannay Zubair Rahmani (jannatzubair29)

Jannay Zubair Rahmani (jannatzubair29)

Jannat is one of the most influential Instagrammer in the world, she has more than 20.8 million followers on her Instagram profile with nearly 10% engagement ratio. She has worked with more than a hundred brands among which Vivo, Nivea, Realme are some of the worth mentioning.

2. Kritika Khurana (thatbohogirl)

Kritika Khurana (thatbohogirl) Celebrity Influencers

If you search “ top 10 influencers in India” you will find Kritika’s name almost everywhere, she is the heartthrob of every fashion loving personalities in India, her quirky style with nude makeup coupled with silver junk jewellery has created a whole new fashion statement in the industry. She has more than a million followers on her Instagram profile which is increasing every day for her out of the box fashion statement. She maintains an engagement ratio of 6 to 8% on her posts which attracts more brands to collaborate with her.

3. Bhuvan Bam (bhuvan.bam.22)

Bhuvan Bam (bhuvan.bam.22) Celebrity Influencers

This generation people are well aware of Bhuvan Bam, he has unmatched popularity in India in terms of creating funny and awareness content. He has more than 10.9 million followers on his Instagram which is increasing day by, he is also very popular a YouTuber, his channel BB Ki Vines has more than 19.4 million subscribers where uploads comedy videos to entertain his viewers. Due to his overwhelming popularity brands like Myntra, Lenskart etc. love to work with him.

4. Kusha Kapila (kushakapila)

Kusha Kapila (kushakapila) Celebrity Influencers

Kusha is one of the most famous celebrity influencers in India knows for breaking stereotypes, her content is related to social dilemma, recent trend, trolls and meme etc., which are so relatable in today’s time, this generation people absolutely loves her awareness content. She has her own YouTube channel with more than 228k subscribers where she mostly talks about peoples’ reaction on wedding, or on any kinds of festivals etc. most of them are related to comedy. If you watch any of her content you will leave spellbound because of her sense of humour which is another reason for her growing popularity.

5. Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur Celebrity Influencers

You probably have watched this cute girl acting in daily soaps a couple of years back but now she is a full-time influencer, if you visit her Instagram profile you will be stunned of her glittering personality and the huge response of people to that. Her influencing personality makes her one of the famous influencers in India of 2020.

6. Sejal Kumar (sejalkumar.1195)

Sejal Kumar (sejalkumar.1195) Celebrity Influencers

Another famous fashion influencer of India is Sejal with more than 852k followers on her Instagram, she is a content creator most likes to create fashion and lifestyle content. Her YouTube channel has nearly 1.28 million followers where she uploads different content like mom vs daughter, indo-western outfit, regular life issues of girls of her age etc. If you interested in content creation you can check her channel for a lot of inspirations.

7. The Bong Guy

The Bong Guy

Another popular Indian influencer is Kiran Dutta AKA @thebongguy he is a mainstream comedian and love to create extraordinary content with his charming personality and an amazing sense of humour, this bong is the most favourite of all the Bengalis out there not only that he has more than a million followers on his Instagram profile and has around 3.08 million followers on his YouTube channel. He has collaborated with Alia Bhat and Varun Dhawan for their Movie promotion back in 2019.

8. Dolly Singh

Dolly Singh  Celebrity Influencers

Probably you have seen her making funny and most relatable video content on Instagram, yes she is Dolly Singh with more than 377K subscribers on YouTube and a million followers on Instagram, according to her “I make funny videos for living” you would understand that more clearly if you visit her YouTube channel or Instagram profile, her outstanding sense of humour and imitation power secured the place in the list.

9. Ranveer Allahbadia

Ranveer Allahbadia Celebrity Influencers

Another glittering personality of the list is Ranveer Allahbadia who cover a range of topics starting from entertainment, fitness, interviewing celebrities and what not! He has over 1.1 million followers on his Instagram, he has collaborated with many brands and if you are looking for a perfect face for your fitness brand Ranveer probably be a perfect choice.

10. Faisal Shaikh

 Faisal Shaikh

If you think fashion influencing is only women thing check Faisal’s Instagram which will leave awestruck with a huge response. He is a famous fashion influencer in India having more than 14.5 million followers on his Instagram profile, you will get a better insight into his lavish lifestyle. If you are thinking about giving your fashion brand a makeover with influencers you have more reason than one to check Faisal out.

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How To Choose Instagram Influencers For Business Campaigns?

While choosing Instagram influencers for branding you must be clear about your criteria, you definitely don’t want to be trapped in the vicious cycle where you end up spending a hefty amount on influencers who have minimum engagement and uncertain ROI. Sometimes they bot services to increase their followers as well as engagement, a genuine influencer must take time to build an audience.

In this section of the article, we highlighted some of the criteria that you must consider before hiring popular influencers for your campaign.

  • Quality of content

Content quality is one of the important points to consider before choosing an influencer for your business, it is even more important than the number of followers and the engagement ratio. I don’t find quality content on their profiles there is no point hiring that influencer. Make sure the audience can relate to the content of the influencer, they must understand the brand message through the influencer.

  • Engagement ratio

Well the second most important factor is the engagement ratio which can be calculated as

Total number of followers/ total number of likes and followers on each post = % engagement

From the influencer marketing point of view, the recommended engagement ratio is 4 to 7% for micro-influencers and 3 to 5% for mega and celebrity influencers. An influencer marketing platform can help you understand better the engagement ratio and why it is important for your business.

  • Relevance

Make sure the audience can relate to the content uploaded by the influencers, sometimes influencers only have a huge number of followers but no soul which means the audience won’t care what the influencer does. Check whether the brand identity and influencer’s profile are on the same page or not.

  • Budget

If you are hiring influencers for the first time go for micro-influencers instead of celebrity personalities. It would be feasible from your budget perspective since celebrity influencers charge a hefty amount for endorsement you could get twenty to forty such profiles within the same budget. But if budget is not a constrain and you are looking for overnight response celebrity profiles will be perfect.

looking for Top Influencers in India

Start a Campaign

What are your marketing goals?

Before investing on the influencer marketing campaign you must be clear about your marketing goals since those will help decide which type of profile you should choose and how you should design your campaign to create maximum traction among your target audience. This is precisely why big brands are ready to pay a hefty amount to the agencies in order to connect with proper influencers. So you need to remember why you want to work with the influencers at the first place after you find out the reasons it is important that the influencer is on the same page together with the branding message.

If one of your objectives is to spread brand awareness your goals might include:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Increase the number of followers on the business

If customer loyalty is one of your objectives, some of the ideas might be helpful:

  • check out the repeat purchases from your existing customers
  • Keep a strict eye on the targeted audience
  • Check out the comments
  • Reply the direct messages
  • Check the number of purchases from your newsletters

How an Influencer Marketing Agency Can Guide You?


If you are looking for a creative influencer marketing strategy that involves celebrity influencers connect with an experienced influencer marketing platform like InfluGlue who has years of experience in dealing with various brand campaigns including national and international. We have a huge database of influencers and bloggers from all over the country, whether you are looking to endorse your brand in a couple of cities or throughout India, we ensure you get the best suitable influencer profile for the campaign.

Our influencer marketers and content creators spend hours in researching the influencer marketing ecosystem so we know how exactly you can keep ahead of your competitors. We are pro at designing the best in class influencer marketing campaign so that your brand message can reach to your audience loud and clear. If you real tight on your budget InfluGlue can help your outcome with a suitable influencer marketing campaign for you.

The Bottom Line

Influencers are famous because of their content creation style, they sort of know how to blend emotion with their approach which is why brands love to work with them. Imagine your favourite influencer recommending a beauty product wouldn’t you think of giving it a try? Similarly, if a famous food blogger suggests a cafĂ© as one of his/her favourite places wouldn’t you love to visit there with your family or friends? The idea of influencer marketing is to leverage the power of influencers to reach a new audience which would cost a hefty amount otherwise. Now every seven of ten brands are thinking of investing on influencer marketing as a part of their marketing plan, so if you are thinking influencers can help you meet your marketing goals you know whom to contact.


Find out the top influencers of India and what are their niches, if you are into influencing you might find this article interesting. Also discover how an influencer marketing platform can help you design a great brand campaign.

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