How to get sponsors for your podcast?

In the account of this pandemic, we are seeing a lot of talents raising all over social media. People are using this time to do something they have been good at but we’re not able to pursue due to the work they had. Now with all these talents coming out, it’s been a delight to see so much from a lot of people we know.

There have been YouTube channels with a lot of variety of contents from different genres. We are also seeing a lot of people who are good at art and craft and thus taking that up. Likewise, one new form of entertainment some people are trying their hand in is a podcast.

So what is a podcast? Although we might have all heard the term or even might be familiar with a few podcasts, we might not exactly know what a podcast is. Here is what it is!

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are in no way different from a television series or web series that you see on your favorite OTT platforms like, Amazon prime, or the other ones like that. Is it all that? Then why does it have a different name? No that’s not it! Podcasts are similar to those web series but in voice. You don’t get to see a video, this is a complete audio series that can be found, heard, or downloaded from any of those streaming devices that you use like Spotify.

These podcasts can be about anything! You can even talk about your own life in your podcasts, just try to make it interesting with the words maybe. Most of the podcasts are done for complete entertainment and might also be free to hear and download. However, if you are looking to find a way of income by using your talent to talk about simple things interestingly, then you can also monetize it.

So how do you monetize it? There are a lot of ways to monetize your podcasts like doing an audio advertisement or several such audio advertisements on your podcasts at regular intervals so that they will pay you for the advertisement you are providing them. Another way to monetize your podcast is to find a sponsor for your podcasts. These sponsors might have any kind of interest that you might have to fulfill through your podcast! How do you find a sponsor for your podcast? Is it easy? Keep reading to know how to find a perfect sponsor for your podcast?

How to find a sponsor for your podcast?

To be completely honest with you there is no specific way to find a sponsor for your podcast. However, there are a few ways that have already been used by a lot of people who are currently doing podcasts and entertaining people. So here in this article, we will be looking into a few ways and tips that are tried and tested successfully by a lot of people on pitching, pricing, and about getting sponsorship.  To know how to get a potential sponsor you should know how it works.

How does it work?

Why do people usually provide sponsorship to entertainment? Of course for the sales of their product or to create awareness among people about their brand. These sponsors expect podcasters to help them sell or boost their sales by a huge percentage and to gain public attraction. This is the deal that a sponsor would strike with you and your podcast.

So how do they assess your help in selling their products?  There are two ways in which the assessment is done by your sponsors primarily. You might be familiar with this in the video format. The videos come with ad flyers in between them or an advertisement at the beginning or end of the video that is either scripted and acted by the host himself or an ad the company has already created.

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The basic metrics that are used to measure your services to your sponsor are :

CPM or cost per mile

This is nothing but your sponsor paying you based on the downloads, views, and the reach your podcasts receive. The deal would more or less look like ” I would be paying Rs.2000 for every 1000 views on your podcasts”.

CPA or cost per acquisition

This one is more or less affiliate marketing using your podcast as a medium. You can provide your listeners with a referral code or link that might lead to the products page so that they might buy it. This one is assessed by the number of sign-ups per episode.

What about the pricing?

If you are a beginner and you are worried about the pricing, I would advise not to. Your primary concern should always be your listeners, gain a following before you decide to find sponsors because in that way it is going to easier to get bigger sponsors. If you are finding one at the initial stage you need to have a really interesting thing to pitch so that you stand a chance.

What pricing is acceptable? Any pricing your sponsor gives you is acceptable. There is no standard pricing for sponsorship. Your sponsors are the ones who would decide. Another deciding factor is the placement of your ads. Make sure you place them at mid-roll if you want your listeners to give the least attention to it. The pre-roll is the first thing your listeners might hear but won’t last more than 1 minute. But in the case of a mid-roll, you can take your time to convince your audience subtly without going out of your style.

The process

The process of finding a sponsor should be different each time you do it but the basic things that should not be changed so that your approach is impressive and super official are discussed below.

Choosing your sponsor

You can’t choose any sponsor you like! You have to consider what your listeners might be interested in. What are the things that could be marketed without losing track of your content?

After choosing a product in such a way, go find a smaller business. The larger ones won’t be needing your help anyway. Start with the smaller ones so that it can positively help them, and also you get your sponsor.

The professional approach

Go for a presentation! Always make sure your presentation is aesthetically good and also has a professional touch to it. Include relevant information like:

  1. Title
  2. An introduction about your podcast and yourself.
  3. A brief say about your show and your content
  4. About your listeners. Include stuff that shows how much is the support, love, and encouragement your listeners give you. Also, include valid stats on the views of your podcasts so far. If you are a beginner go for who is your target audience.
  5. Pricing and ideas for the product
  6. Contact us slide for them to contact you.

This is how you should be making your presentation to get your sponsor’s attention.

The email

Email is the next big step. You need to mail your sponsors with your show’s details and stuff that you think might catch the eye of your sponsors. This depends on your thoughts, you decide how to earn the attention of your sponsors. Just write a precise email that says everything about you and the purpose of your email. Don’t forget to attach your presentation with the mail.

Follow-up email

This is a part where you need to be careful. You should not end up being too clingy with this. Instead, you need to give a subtle reminder so that your mail is not sent into spam or is buried under the loads of emails your sponsor might receive. Attach your earlier prepared presentation with it too.

Now if you follow these steps as mentioned above I am sure that you will find sponsors sooner or later. You might not be lucky to find one right on the first attempt. Keep pitching your content to more than just one potential sponsor you find, discuss with your listeners or friends if you need to get more contacts. Go get your sponsors and make money out of your podcasts! Good luck with it!

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