How to create Bings Campaign in india

How to create Bings Campaign in india

What is Bing Ads?

Essentially, create Bings Campaign in india is Microsoft’s version of Google AdWords. In the same way that Google AdWords allows you to run ads on the Google search network and Google’s partner networks, Bing Ads allows you to run ads on both the Bing search network and it’s partner networks (yahoo and aol—yes, people still use these).

Create Bings Campaign in india

Advertising on Bing Ads.
Step 1: Create Your Bing Ads Account. Head over to Bing Ads and create an account.
Step 2: Choose Your Basic Settings.
Step 3: Research Your Keywords.
Step 4: Write Your Ad.
Step 4: Decide on a Budget.

Interestingly, while AdWords did away with the sidebar ads on their SERPs last year, Bing still offers them for desktop searches. Other than that, however, the basic format is almost identical.

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The basic mechanics of advertising on AdWords and create Bings Campaign in india are virtually identical, too. You bid on specific keywords that you think Bing users will use and then, when a user conducts a search that matches your keywords (“dji drones” in the screenshot above), Bing compares the bids and ad quality of the competing businesses and decides which ads will show up in which order on the SERP.

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In fact, Bing and AdWords are so similar that Bing has an option to directly sync all of your AdWords campaigns to Bing. You can import them once or do all of your work in AdWords and let create Bings Campaign in india update your Bing Ads campaigns to match on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (note, there are a few minor differences between AdWords and Bing that you’ll need to keep an eye on, click here for more information).

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