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Top trends in Internet of Things.

IoT expands itself to ‘Internet of Things’ which is the network of physical computing devices that involves sensors and other technologies.
These days IoT has gained a lot of popularity. Everyone is searching for the smarter and easier way to complete their task and IoT is serving the purpose right.
Our day to day activities involve a lot of IoT devices and we are completely dependent on it. Let’s see some of the current trends and ups and downs happening in the field of IoT.

Security in IoT:

Currently, in the situation of the pandemic everyone is working from home. It has become the new normal. Especially the IT field workers are working completely virtual. This has created a large network and very huge and important data transmitted over the Internet regularly. This is creating a risk of theft of information and malicious attacks. This has created the need for a strong security system and hence IoT security has been in the trending list currently.

Smart Devices dominating IoT devices:

Smart devices which are embedding themselves along with the IoT technology, Artificial Intelligence, Big data analytics and many more are dominating over the simple devices built on pure IoT technology. Smart devices render better user experience than IoT devices. Also they provide more security. Smart devices like Alexa use technology of Internet of Things but are better than normal IoT devices and have a huge market too. Parental control given in many of the devices is one of the examples of advancement in the technology. This shows that smart devices are dominating IoT devices.

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Healthcare and IoT :

Healthcare is one the main concern from the very beginning and in the time of pandemic it has become the only concern. Development of mobile applications in order to digitize healthcare has been done consistently and some have seen successful results in this venture. Online availability of doctors, booking the appointment online, getting results of tests online has shown the significance of IoT in healthcare. The Government of India is also supporting such applications in order to reduce the risks of corona outbreak and hence IoT received a big break in the field of health care.

SaaS-Software as a Service:

Cloud computing is one more field which is blooming in the market. There are many service providers in the field of cloud and the services are categorised into three types.
SaaS- Software as a Service
PaaS- Platform as a Service
IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service
Many of us are using the SaaS unknowingly. Gmail is one example for the Software as a Service.
Cloud offers companies to market their products by hosting products as a service and letting users use it. These trends in IoT have made a lot of improvement in the business.

Big data and Artificial intelligence with Internet of Things:

Big data and Artificial Intelligence is another new normal for all the tech babies. The usage of IoT devices is generating a huge amount of data and analysing these data is very essential for the business purpose. This huge amount of data can be efficiently analysed by using these two technologies.
For example, when we browse a long skirt on some website and leave the site without purchasing it, we get the pop-up ads again and again of the similar dress. This is the combination of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and IoT technology. Also the recommendations we get on YouTube is one example. This increases the user experience and business as well.

These are five trends in the IoT in the current year 2020. Technology is continuously evolving and trends are changing on a daily basis. We have to be updated in this competent world inorder to excel in our career.

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