Legitimate ways to make money from home.

Best ways to make money from home that works (2020):

1. Starting a Blog

Starting a blog was the best decision of my life.

Today 90% of my monthly income comes from blogging.

As of now, i have more than 10+ websites , driving in total around 3,000,000 visitors/month and making me 10 Lacs-15 Lacs each month.

You can start a blog about any topic: be it guitar, dogs, cooking and anything else.

Whatever excites you or whatever you are passionate about. Just like a YouTube channel, once you start getting traffic to your blog , you can make by doing sponsored post, showing ads on your sites, selling products etc etc. 


Start a Blog Now 

  • Initial Investment: Rs 2,000-5,000/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 1-2 Hrs/Day
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 10,000-1 Lac/month


  • Step-1:¬† Find the availability of your desired domain name by using the domain search above. Your domain name could be like dogadvise.com, guitarlessons.com etc etc.
  • Step-2:¬†Purchase the¬†Bluehost hosting¬†with domain name. Although there are many other hostings like¬†Godaddy¬†,¬†Hostgator etc.
  • Step-3:¬†Also check out various other¬†amazing tools¬†that helps me in building a beautiful and profitable site in our blogging tools section.
  • Step-4:¬†Make sure you join our¬†FREE digital marketing course¬†to learn all about building, driving traffic and then ultimately monetizing your blog. Over 10,000 people have taken this same exact course.
  • Step-5:¬†Now its time to write high quality articles on your site about the niche of your website. So lets say if your website is about Guitar then some articles might be “How to learn guitar”, and “What are guitar chords” etc etc. So make a list of 20-30 such questions that you think a beginner or a newbie guitarist might face. You can also check other guitar related websites for some inspiration.
  • Step-6:¬†Try to maintain a schedule. So make sure you are adding atleast 2-3 articles each week. Also each must be high quality, easy to understand (add examples, images , videos etc ), ¬†atleast 2000 word long, and it should be comprehensive and must cover everything about the title of the article.
  • Step-7:¬†Make sure you also promote each article. Promotion of your articles is as important as adding new articles. You can share the article on social media , Guest post on other guitar related blogs, join and promote guitar related Facebook groups etc.
  • Step-8:¬†Do no think about adding advertisements like Google adsense when you start the blog. Add atleast 20-30 high quality articles and only then apply for google adsense.
  • Step-9: Learn everything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are enough video about this on Youtube. SEO is vital for the success of your blog. SEO is all about driving traffic from Google by getting your article in Google search results for your target search queries.
  • Step-10:¬†After 3 months of consistent work, you can then start adding Ads, products, affiliate offers to make money fro your blog. The best part is that even in your sleep you will be making money. For example: even if i go for a one month long vacation, i will make the same amount of money each month just because my websites are working on autopilot. Thats the power of blogging

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2. Affiliate Marketing

As i told you earlier, starting a blog was one of the best decision of my life.

But an even better decision was to do Affiliate marketing.

make money from home

Majority of my monthly income comes through affiliate marketing (affiliate marketing is the next step after creating a blog). I make around 20-25 Lacs each month from affiliate marketing alone.

So what is Affiliate marketing?

Watch the video below to understand this in detail, but you will be surprised that you have been doing affiliate marketing yourself without even knowing. How? you might be wondering right?

Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. shareasale.

Well if you have ever referred any of your friend using your referral link on apps like Swiggy, Ola, Uber (where you get money if you refer people) then you have done affiliate marketing.


Start Your Affiliate Website Now 

In simple terms, it is about helping a company get more customers by generating traffic for them using your special affiliate link. Through this referral link/affiliate link you can track how many people clicked your link and out of those how many actually completed the action, for example signing up.

  • Initial Investment: Rs 3,000-5,000/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 2-3 Hrs/Day
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 10,000-5 Lac/month


  • Step-1:¬† First you need to search for a profitable niche. This can be anything product related. You can even go and check Amazon for product categories that you might find interesting. Don’t go for mobile phones as in mobiles the Amazon commission is lowest at 1%.¬†
  • Step-2:¬†Now lets say you have interest in DSLR cameras.So you can create a website about DSLR cameras. So first you will have to get a domain name. So find some related domain names like bestdslr.com or topdslrcameras.com etc etc.¬†
  • Step-3:¬†Use the domain name finder above to search for the availability of your domain name. Purchase the¬†Bluehost hosting¬†with domain name. For affiliate website your website loading speed is extremely important. When i shifted my websites from other hostings like¬†Godaddy.com¬†and¬†hostgator.com¬†to Siteground, my¬†website speed increased by almost 300%. So make sure you only buy bluehost hosting . ¬†¬†
  • Step-4:¬†For all the other amazing tools that help me scale my affiliate site, check my¬†blogging tools¬†page. Make sure you also join our¬†FREE digital marketing course¬†. I have a comprehensive video about affiliate marketing in that course. I am sure you will love it.¬†
  • Step-5:¬†Now its time to write high quality value filled articles on your site. Since in this case we have taken the example of DSLR, so you can write articles like “Best DSLR camera in India”, “Types of DSLR Camera” etc etc. Just focus on DSLR camera on your site. While writing the article and recommending the camera you can insert your affiliate link. Join¬†Amazon associate¬†to get affiliate links. When people will click your links and buy the product you will earn a commission.¬†
  • Step-6: Each article must be of extremely high quality, easy to understand (add examples, images , videos etc ), ¬†and atleast 3000-4000 word long, and it should be comprehensive and must cover everything about the title of the article. The higher the quality the better will be your chances to drive more traffic.
  • Step-7:¬†Marketing and promotion is one area where most of the people struggle the most. For affiliate sites SEO is the most important part. So learn all about Search engine optimization and how to drive organic traffic to your site. In summary its all about keyword research and building backlinks. SEO is vital for the success of your affiliate site.
  • Step-8:¬†After 1-2 months you will easily start ranking on Google search results, and you will start making passive income. you can easily make Rs 10,000-Rs 1,00,000/month depending on the amount of traffic you get.

Legitimate ways to make money from home

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is the easiest way to make money online from whatever skills you might have.

There are millions of freelancers online making significant income online.

One of my friend is a graphic designer, and she is really good.

Now she works 4-5 hours/day and makes in the range of 2.5 – 3Lacs/month.

You can be good in any field, there is work for everyone.

You can be a coder, proofreader, content writer or an other imaginable skill set, you will be able to find work on freelancing sites.

Yes, you wont be making 1lac/month when you start out, but the more experince you get the more good ratings you will acquire on these freelancing sites, the more work will come to you.

I hire people on freelancer.com and odesk.com every month, some of them are regulars. I have work related to content writing, SEO, wordpress etc, and i love hiring people on these sites. 

  • Initial Investment: Rs 0/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 2-12 Hrs/Day , depending on how much you want to make
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 10,000-2 Lac/month


  • Step-1:  First you need to make a list of skills that you are good at. It can be graphic designing, content writing, coding, plugin development etc. 
  • Step-2: If you think you dont have any skills worth paying for, then worry not, you can learn these skills in just 30 days. Choose a skill that you might be interested in , lets say graphic designing. Then you can watch Youtube videos and teach yourself photoshop etc in just 30 days. The more your practice the better you will get. You can even take our digital marketing course and then get hired for digital marketing related jobs.
  • Step-3: Check our recommended tools/websites tab for finding the best freelancing sites and join any one of them.
  • Step-4: Now its time to build your profile. We have a comprehensive video on how to make a pro freelancer profile in our free digital marketing course (its lesson 20 if i remember correctly). This step alone will help you beat your competitors and help you get more projects.
  • Step-5: When you are starting out, make sure you overdeliver. Great communication with your client, on time delivery or rather delivering before the time, this will make the project owner happy and he will hire you for future projects as well. Also, a 5 star rating will help you build a strong profile on the freelancing site.
  • Step-6: The more projects you do, the more 5 star reviews and testimonials you get the easier it will be for you to charge higher and get more projects. so always focus on providing more and more value to the project owner and your freelancing career will shine.
  • Step-7: This was it about how to become a freelancer, i have many more tips , strategies in the freelancing video in my digital marketing course, so make sure you watch that as well.

4. Ecwid

You know whats the most popular and highly profitable way to earn money online in 2020?

Thats selling on Ecwid.

Yes, i have so many friends who are making thousands of dollars of income every month through Ecwid.

Now, there are hundreds of people teaching how to make money on Ecwid on youtube, but you wont find a better explanation than the video below. 

Make sure you watch it till the end to get your mind blown.


Sell on Ecwid

In simple terms you are opening up an e-commerse webiste. With Ecwid it becomes a piece of cake.

  • Initial Investment: Rs 10,000-30,000/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 2-4 Hrs/Day , depending on how much you want to make
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 50,000-10 Lacs/month


  • Step-1:  Research and find a niche which you seem profitable and you yourself like
  • Step-2: Signup on Ecwid using our special link to get 14 days free trial
  • Step-3: Choose a theme that is mobile optimized as majority of the traffic comes from a mobile phone.
  • Step-4: Setup your banners, logo, important pages like TOS, privacy policy etc. To find copyright free images use a website like unsplash.com. Also make sure you compress all the images using tinypng.com which will help you reduce size of the images without losing the quality. This will help make your website lighting fast.
  • Step-5: Writing each and every step will lead to a 5000 word article, so i will recommend you to follow the steps.

5. InstaGram Influencer

Yes, i know that you love likes on your instagram photos.

I also know that you love it when someone follows you on instagram.

But what if i tell you that you can make money from your Instagram as well.

You dont need to have 6 pack abs (yes that helps but its not a necessity), or you dont have to look like a Victoria secrets model, you can still get thousands of followers – if you follow our strategies – and make money from your followers.

I have helped many people become instagram celebrities. Its not that hard.

So how do you become an Instagram influencer? well watch the video below and also read my entire text recommendations.


Become Instagram Influencer

  • Initial Investment: Rs 0/-
  • Experience/ Skill Required: Anyone Can Start
  • Time Investment: 1-2 Hrs/Day , depending on how much you want to make
  • Expected Return (1 Year): Rs 1-2 Lac/month


  • Step-1:  First you must join our free digital marketing course, in which i have a comprehensive step by step video on how to gain massive Instagram followers.
  • Step-2: You have a find and select a niche. So if you are a girl and are into jewellery then that will be your niche. If you are into healthy living then that can be a niche. So select a topic that you love and want to talk about.
  • Step-3: Your account must look professional. So its research time now. Look at all the different accounts in your niche and write down the good points about each one of them. What kind of photos are getting most engagement, what they have written in their bio, their posting schedule etc etc. This step will also give you a lot of ideas on the kind of content that you have to add to your account.
  • Step-4: Check any youtube tutorial and complete your account setup.
  • Step-5: Instagram is all about being regular , adding high quality content and doing everything to grow your followers everyday.So make sure you are investing some time each day to this passive income source. Also, in the start you will not make any money. Atleast not till the time you get atleast 5000-10000 followers.
  • Step-6: I have shared a lot of advanced and working strategies to increase your instagram followers in our free digital marketing course (its lesson 11 in that course), so watch that entire video and implement all the strategies to massively grow your follower base.
  • Step-7: Now once you hit 10K subscribers, you can start contacting brands and companies in your niche. Show them your follower count and the engagement of your account and how you can help the brand in getting more customers. 
  • Step-8: Once you increase your follower count to 50K and more, companies and brand will start approaching you (make sure you make your email visible in bio) and then you can easily make 1-2 lacs/month.
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