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Online shopping in India has reached a stage where you name something and you will probably find an online store selling it. Unique, never-seen-before gadgets and gift items are just the tip of the iceberg. When you go deeper, you will be surprised by the sheer amount of novelty available online. To begin with, brings you a dozen unique online stores offering you something niche and interesting at your fingertips.

Heads Up For Tails

unique online stores

Love indulging your pets?

Here’s a store you will love. is India’s only luxury brand for pets. Here you can get dog collars, leashes, customized pet beds, accessories, toys, grooming products, feeding bowls, treats and foods for your pets and much more: all carefully designed and customized according to your pet’s needs.


unique online stores

Did you know that cotton is the dirtiest crop in the world? It is sprayed with all kinds of harmful pesticides in the farms. That very cotton is used to make your bed sheets in which you spend almost one third of your life. Amouve offers you a healthier alternative by bringing you the softest most comfortable organic cotton bedding at your fingertips. Be it quilts, bed sheets, duvets, cushions, pillow covers; products are completely toxin-free, hypo-allergenic, soft and luxurious. What’s more? In adopting this safer bedding option, you also contribute to the uplifting of organic cotton farmers as well as save the environment.



Calling itself the maker’s market, is a treasure trove of all things unique, crafted by Indian makers. Handmade, natural soaps; hand-painted kettles; wooden cutlery; paintings are some of the things you can buy from here. While its Fashion category is not very exciting, you will be spoilt for choice in the Arts, Crafts, Home Décor, Canvas Prints, Plaques sections.

Just Roti


Moving to the USA for work or studies? Wondering how will you survive on just bread and pizzas? website that will deliver fresh, readymade, wholesome rotis to your doorstep every day. serves in the USA, but it is specifically targeted at Indians only, so we thought this unique online store deserves a mention in this list. Currently, they offer three nutritious and authentic products, with plans to expand further.

Help Us Green

helpusgreen collects discarded/ used flowers from the temples in Uttar Pradesh and recycles them into organic fertilizers and fragrant, rejuvenating incense sticks, cones and stones. These patented products are hand-made by rural women and self-help groups. Thus, while bringing you natural products, prevents 7600 kg floral waste and 97kg toxic chemicals from entering river Ganga daily and provides livelihood to 1200 rural families.



If you are a bachelor or a spinster, you must have experienced the horrors of renting a home, even in the metro cities of India. The judgmental stares, the unexplained rejections and the lack of choices available are a norm in so-called “respectable” housing complexes. is aiming to solve this wrong of the Indian society for the youth of India. It provides better rental solutions without the hassle of brokerage or dealing with discriminatory treatment. This fast growing home rental network helps you find, book and move-in to the perfect, fully-furnished home of your choice, within your budget.

saundhi mitti

Saundhi Mitti

Founded in 2011, Saundhi Mitti is medium that brings together studio potters and consumers together. Here you can buy the finest and most unique pottery pieces, normally found only art galleries. The pieces are made using the finest clays, glazes and latest technology in pottery.

unique online stores

RedWolf is an independent clothing label curating some fantastic works by artists. Here you can buy quirky t-shirts, badges, boxer shorts, mobile covers, coasters, tote bags, mugs with tongue-in-cheek slogans. You have got to check out their eccentric collection here, Online Stores.


unique online stores

Do you love dressing up at weddings and parties but hate spending a fortune on clothes that you will probably not wear more than twice in your lifetime? Enter, one of India’s largest fashion rental service from where you can rent beautiful ensembles for four, six or eight days at less than one fourth their cost. All you have to do is browse Online Stores through the catalogue; get a fitting appointment at your convenient time and place; and rent! After you are done, the clothes are picked up for free at your convenience. Currently available in 12 cities in India, offers over 3000 styles for men and women.

If you want to rent designer clothes and accessories, there’s Here you will get to rent ensembles designed by Manish Arora, Shantanu & Nikhil, Preeti S Kapoor et al.

BatsOn Delivery


Are you a night creature, who always ends up needing things when only bats and owls are out and about? Well, here’s a Online Stores made specifically to address your needs. Launched in 2013, delivers food, beverages, groceries, desserts, OTC drugs, contraceptives, and even services like plumbers, drivers, electricians et al from 7PM to 5AM at your doorstep. However, currently BatsOn Delivery can only come to your aid if you live in South Delhi and Gurgaon.


quirk is a self-proclaimed opinionated magazine, bringing you updates about restaurants, clubs, bars, festivals, entertainment and other aspects of life in Mumbai and Bangalore. Additionally, it also offers the Quirk Card, which entitles you and your friends to a 25% discount on a select list of restaurants and bars across Bangalore. With the Quirk card, you can also get discounts on various online portals like Freshmenu, JCB, Goibibo, Raw Pressery, Zoomcar, ZoloStays and Gaana.



Got old clothes and things lying around the house gathering dust? Instead of throwing it away or selling it for little money, you can pass it on to someone in need on PassItOn. This portal collect clothes in good condition, toys, books, magazines, electronics, footwear, musical instruments, anything useful that is just lying around, unused and puts them up for free for people who need them. This not only adds to your good karma but also saves the environment from more waste.

Are you aware of any other Online Stores offering a unique product or service? Share it with us in the comments section.

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