How To Select an SEO Expert for Your Projects

SEO Expert: Did you know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a multi-million dollar industry? According to a Borell Associates’ research prediction, by the year 2020, businesses in the United States would be spending an estimated $80 billion on SEO efforts.

Now you understand how vital SEO and an SEO expert are for your projects. If people are not finding your business organically, you may have to spend time and money marketing your business using other models. Most of these older models are outdated and may not give the desired results in the long run.

In this article, we explore how to choose an SEO expert for your projects.


Compatibility With Your SEO Needs

There are experts in voice SEO, technical, on-page, off-page, local, International SEO, link building and content optimization. Individual experts may have general SEO best practices knowledge and specialize in a few of these areas.

Ensure the expert is compatible with your needs. For instance, if you are a local company selling school uniforms, a local SEO expert may be a perfect match. If people in the locality are not conversant with voice search involving digital assistants such as Alexa and Siri, you may not need to optimize for voice.


Expert Portfolio

Find out who the expert’s clients are. The portfolio should be impressive if they are already established. You want to invest your money with a guaranteed return on investment (ROI). The type of clients on the expert’s portfolio shows their experience and acts as a vote of confidence.

If the projects are related to yours in terms of processes, it also serves as a benchmark. This means you can already perceive the far the expert can catapult your projects based on what they have already achieved with other clients.

References and Testimonials

Referrals are a surefire way to ensure you are getting value for your money. If the expert has worked with a particular company and most of their keywords are on the first page on search engine results pages (SERPs), that’s a positive indicator.

Besides referrals, testimonials are another critical lead to a good SEO expert. A happy customer would gladly give a positive testimonial. If the customers are contented and would recommend the expert, that’s a positive cue. Find out if the expert displays testimonials on their platforms too.


Knowledge of Emerging Trends

How knowledgeable is the expert on emerging SEO trends? We all understand SEO and Google ranking algorithms keeps evolving. For instance, Google is leaning towards user intent and user experience(UX) as key ranking algorithms. Expertise, authority and trust (EAT) is another key algorithm that has emerged with time.

Find out whether the expert keeps tabs on what is happening in the SEO world and whether they can prove it. You should also find out if they share insights on the same. This could be through social media platforms or through their blog.


Knowledge of The SEO Process

Find out  how the expert goes about the whole optimization process.  They should show a step-by-step process in which they execute the SEO strategy from start to end.

Beware of experts using disapproved practices such as black hat SEO methods. This includes techniques such as keyword stuffing and buying links. These could hurt your projects in the long run, including being banned from search engines.

Final Thought

Choosing an SEO Expert should be a well-thought-out process as it can make or break your efforts. Essential among the areas to look out for is how compatible the expert is with your SEO needs, client portfolio, references and testimonials. Knowledge of SEO processes and trends should also suffice. What other vital strengths do you think an SEO Expert should possess before engaging them for your projects?

Bhuvnesh Bhushan

Bhuvnesh Bhushan Dohare is the founder and CEO of, which he started in 2014 with his own digital marketing skills.

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