The Best LAKME Lip Crayon For You?

Lakme is one of the best and most preferred makeup brands in India. The rich shades and the diverse makeup items have always intrigued the female population of the country. In fact, most of the women love the different items of this makeup brand, especially the lipsticks.

This is why the Lakme enrich lip crayon is now becoming more popular even amongst the celebrities, let alone the normal population of the country. Made from smoothening materials and essential oils, the crayon lipsticks are nothing like the harmful colour crayons. When applied to the lips, your lips will look plump, fuller and you will get the ultimate matte finish at only 185 INR.

Isn’t that amazing?

Obviously, it is, especially when the enrich lip crayons are available in 10 different shades. Starting from Cinnamon brown to coral shades, you will get almost all the bright colours in the range. Apart from this, the crayons are quite easy to handle and apply, owing to their smooth structure and the soft, waxy composition.


Lakme Enrich lip crayon comes in ten different shades and all vary in the sensation they create.

  • Shocking pink

It’s a dark pink with more of a neon coloured touch to the colour. Everyone can apply it on his or her lips except those having a darker skin complexion.

  • Baby pink

It’s one of the most beautiful shades of the crayons, especially with a few shimmers.

  • Berry red

Berry red isn’t exactly the hot red shade. Rather it has a touch of brown to it and hence suitable for every skin colour.

  • Mauve magic

Those who have medium complexion can get this shade, which is generally in pink but with a purple toning to it.

  • Pink burst

Best for light and medium toned skin, this is the exact neon pink shade that you will need to create an everlasting impression.

  • Candid coral

For those having a medium tone, this neon orange colour will look best, especially with the light shimmering shades.

  • Red stop

With a bit of coral hint to the shade, it looks neither too dark nor too light. That’s why it’s perfect even for the days.

  • Peach magnet

This shade has an essence of peach colour added with the dominating pink emblem.

  • Blushing pink

Suitable for all skin complexions, this coral added pink shade is best for everyday wear.

  • Cinnamon brown

Cinnamon brown is a neutral mauve shade lip crayon that will look good for everyday use.


Applying the lip crayon is quite easy owing to the texture of the crayon. It comes in a pencil structure with a dual sharpener and so you won’t have to spend some extra bucks in buying a sharpener.

However, remember, before applying, sharpen the crayon to draw the curves of the lips. Without a proper lining of the lips, you will not get that artistic beauty which lipsticks usually lend to your face. Moreover, it’s a matte finish and so, without a sharp line, it will look monotonous on your face.

Make sure to line the lip with a matching liner and then fill the lips slowly in even strokes. You will get a slight creamy finishing, thanks to the jojoba oil and the olive oil. The shine of the lipstick will be enhanced more if you keep the makeup of your eyes minimal. Do not exaggerate the eyes since lip crayons will not look good at multiple strokes.

Highlight the lips more through the sharpened edge of the crayon and make sure to apply evenly in not more than two strokes.

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