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How to choose the correct Web Hosting service?

Web Hosting services is required so that the website can be accessed by anyone on the Internet.

Web hosting is a service that publishes your website live on the world wide web to be made accessible by everyone. Web hosting provides all the services required by the website so that it can be accessed on the Internet. Once web hosting is done the user can access the website by typing the domain of the website in their browser.

To understand web hosting in simple words, let’s take an example of an Internet connection in our house. It is necessary to have an Internet connection, to access the Internet. We choose a plan for the Internet connection with which we are comfortable or based on our initial requirements. Once our requirements increase we choose a better Internet plan to meet our requirements. Similarly, to have a website online, it is necessary to do web hosting. We will also have to change our web hosting plans once our website manages to have good traffic.

To get web hosting of the website, it is necessary to have a domain name. If the domain name is not yet chosen, there are many web hosting services available that provide domain names. If the website is created using WordPress, there are specific hosting plans available for that too.

To host a website it is necessary to have a server that can host the website. Not every individual or organization has the budget to have their very own server, that is when hosting services came into the picture. Most of the hosting services provide a trouble-free and comfortable service because of which the individual or organization can focus on more important tasks necessary for their website.

Many websites around the internet provide good web hosting services. Before choosing the desired web hosting service, it is important to know the requirements of the website. The total cost, bandwidth, space required are to be decided before looking for a web hosting service. Once these requirements are known, you can start looking for a web hosting service.

Let’s have a look at the types of hosting services available for a website:

Suppose you have just started your website and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on website hosting, Shared Hosting services are for you. Just as the name suggests, a single server hosts a lot of websites. Space, bandwidth, and some other essentials required for hosting will be shared by multiple websites. If a website that is sharing the same server as your website uses up most of the space and bandwidth available, it can cause problems for your website.

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If you don’t want to face problems with other websites sharing the same website like yours, you can choose Dedicated Hosting Service as a solution. Dedicated Hosting Service provides your website with a server where you can have full control over. You will be having full access to the server and your server will not be shared by other websites.

From blogs to the biggest news sites online, 35% of the web is occupied by WordPress. For all the WordPress users, WordPress also has its own hosting service called WordPress Hosting. It is advisable to use WordPress hosting if the website is created using WordPress. There are several other hosting services that manage WordPress hosting for the websites created using WordPress.

To have good technical control on the website and the server, it is better to have the Reseller Hosting service. It allows the individual of the website to act as the host providing them with complete independence over the server. For all the individuals who want to get into hosting services, Reseller Hosting is a good option for them.

Sometimes, Dedicated Hosting turns out to be costly, and on the other hand, using Shared Hosting may cause problems for the website in the future. In such cases, having a Virtual Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server is advisable. Just like Shared Hosting, Virtual Dedicated Server also has a single server that is shared by different websites but it allocates some resources that are not shared with other websites. Though VPS works on a single server, it acts as multiple servers.

Cloud Hosting is the latest type of web hosting service and is having a lot of users around the Internet because of its advantages. There are many services that shut down our website when the website attracts huge traffic, such is not the case with Cloud Hosting. Here, the web hosting plan accommodates the traffic on the website no matter what.

Another advantage of Cloud Hosting is that the user has to pay only for the resources he has used rather than paying for the full plan. It is reliable and powerful than the other hosting services. Many of the users of the other web hosting services are upgrading their website to have Cloud Hosting.

There are many web hosting services available on the Internet which provide all types of hosting services. It is advisable to know about how good storage, bandwidth, speed will be provided by the hosting service, and how reliable their services are.

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