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What is SEO and how it works.

What is SEO: We live in a digital world. Nowadays, almost everything is online. We can do many things online like teaching, watching movies, playing games, video conferences, selling, buying, etc. Even people are shifting their business online and want to have the digital presence of their business. Typically, they start doing this by making their website or improve the traffic of the existing website.Majority of the people in the world use Google as their search engine. In simple words, SEO is how easy it is for Google (or any other search engine) to find your website. It will help optimize your web page or website to get more traffic without promotional advertisement.

If Google is receiving any amount for displaying your website on the top it is called as paid advertisement. Organic traffic is unpaid. Generally, there are ten organic results on one page. They are on the top with payment because they explained Google very efficiently about their product or services with appropriate search criteria. It focuses on unpaid or organic traffic by using optimization tricks and techniques.

SEO Techniques

Google uses specific algorithms to decide the ranking of the search result. Your website can be on top 10 if it aligns with the algorithm. Usually, Google uses 200 factors to decide what is relevant in their algorithm. It is very difficult to cover all those but if we can concentrate on few then we may have the fighting chance in getting the top position. Generally, people divide these factors in Google algorithm into two categories – On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

1) On-page Technique:Content writer and bloggers usually starts with on-page SEO, which is also known as (on-site SEO). In this,professionals optimize the web pages, the content, internal links, URLs, all the tags and titles, keywords, image descriptions, etc. It also includes using of target keyword in first 100 words of your content. According to a research, the target keyword should appear at least 1-2% of the total words of the article. Google gives priority to the words written on title of the article and sometimes using this technique they appear on the initial pages on search result. You should write the Keyword should be written near to title tag in order to get better results. Content also plays a vital role in increasing traffic. It should bring something new on the table, some new ideas and perspective to common things.

2) Off-page Technique: Off-page SEO deals with the actions, which are performed outside your website to improve your website ranking on search engine result pages. Off-page technique almost contributes 75% of good digital strategy. In simple words, off-page technique tells Google about what the audience thinks about your website. Backlinks is the one of the most crucial part of off-page SEO. Google and many other search engines use backlinks as the prime indicator to content`s quality. Generally, Off-page SEO are actions, which is happening away from your website such as like links or mentions on other websites.

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Benefits of using SEO techniques:

• It increase brand visibility and it will be helpful in PR activities.
• It is one of the easiest and less costly source of attracting the traffic
• It also helps in getting better user experience
• It assists in creating brand awareness
• It also helps in improving website speed

Wrapping Up:

Like every marketing efforts, SEO does take time. Sometimes you will not be able to see the results fast but if you implement properly then the results from the SEO efforts are long lasting. I hope this article helped you in understanding basics of SEO.

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