What is the cost of Google pixel buds?

Hey everybody, Good to see you! Chances are good you’re here because you saw our man Tony present the Google Pixel Buds and you want more info on these powerful truly-wireless earbuds. There’s a lot of info to be had when it comes to the Pixel Buds – even more so in the realm of truly wireless personal sound. We hope to help you navigate those waters with this blog today and to see if the Pixel Buds are right for you (spoiler alert, they’re right for everybody).

The Pixel buds excel in all ways a set of truly wireless earbuds can excel. Top-tier battery life with 5 hours of use and 24 more hours packed into the case – which can charge wirelessly, by the way. Automatic pairing with your phone, your smartwatch, your laptop, and anything else with Bluetooth 4.0. Voice assistant compatibility for hands-free use. Even an IPX4 water protection rating. This list could go on and on and we’ve only got so much time. Instead, let’s talk about the new tricks the Pixel Buds come with.

Google pixel buds

Being a piece of Google tech comes with perks! The Pixel buds support real-time language translation. Coupled with smart volume control which adjusts the volume up or down depending on outside noise, the Pixel buds become the avid traveler or businessperson’s dream. Ask for directions when on a trip. Order something tasty in the local language. Make multi-lingual video chats from across the world a breeze. Connecting with others becomes easier than ever with the Google Pixel Buds.

Google says “Life Sounds Amazing” and we think they nailed it with their Pixel buds. Built-in sensors make sure the recording focuses on your voice and a spatial vent allows in some outside noise if you want to ensure you can keep an ear on the world around you while you do your business. After thousands of ear scans and plenty of research, Google built the Pixel buds to fit as comfortably and securely as possible, which just makes them all the more attractive for athletes and those with more active lifestyles. And don’t worry if you misplace them, you can set them to ring with Googles’ “Find My Device” feature! No more lost earbuds.

Well, there you have it. Google rocks our socks with power, clarity, and smart features in the Pixel Buds. These earbuds are ready to make your day-to-day easier and more entertaining and are definitely worth the look if you’re in the market for some right now. It was good to have you back! We’ll see you next time.

Bhuvnesh Dohare

Bhuvnesh Bhushan Dohare is the founder and CEO of Wideinfoweb.org, which he started in 2014 with his own digital marketing skills.

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